BBC Classical Music - Vocal Microphone?

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BBC Classical Music - Vocal Microphone?


I am doing a project comparing the most preferred traditional surround array (Decca/Fukada Tree as it happens) with the Soundfield microphone. I am twiddling my thumbs while I wait for the next round of listening tests to be completed, so I thought I would post here to see what people thought of it.  The area of particular interest to me was how well the surround signals can be picked up given that they can't be placed as far back into the reverberant field as a traditional array.  I don't have enough listening test results so far to be definitive about anything but a trend is that the traditional array is preferred to a default 5.1 output using the Harpex-B B-format decoder but that there is parity between an adjusted set of angles in Harpex and the traditional. Early days yet!  I am debating whether to sleep or power though another proof read of the write up but I think the bed is winning!

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