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The estate often smell of cigarette smoke, especially in tower 2C. People smoke in the lobby, lift as well as outside the block in the alleyways between buildings. Management and security guards seem to not be doing their jobs at all despite multiple reports. No follow ups seem to be done. Why don't the security guards take down the names of the people smoking and report it to the authorities? Isn't it required by Singapore's law?

Another note: on 4th Jan 2018 23.15pm the guardhouse cannot be contacted. Please review your security measures in case of emergency
James by James @ in The Florida Condominium Forum
Hi does anyone know what is the name of the app through which we are supposed to make facilities booking? Thanks
admin by admin @ in Parklane Shopping Mall Office for Rent
603 sqft office space for rent
Please call Jason @ 92244666 for viewing

Parklane Shopping Mall #09-10

Parklane Shopping Mall #09-10
admin by admin @ in Parklane Shopping Mall Office for Rent
269 sqft space
Rectangular layout
Please call Jason @ 92244666 for viewing

Parklane Shopping Mall #10-11
Raymond by Raymond @ in Golden Mile Complex Forum
your toilet attendant at the 1st floor, an indian woman wearing specs was so rude. i was paying her 50cents for the entrance fee and she pointed at the table which i thought she ask me to take the 30 cents change. As i put my hand towards the table she shouted at me amd scolded me for taking the 30 cents. Please hire service oriented people to attend to your toilets and not some watchdogs who just bark at people!!
C by C @ in Eastpoint Green Condominium Forum
Crazy noise during 530-730pm where the kids come out to play. Also noisy at night when people are drinking, celebrating or having parties where conversations can be heard from another house past midnight. Neighbours also noisy with kids stomping above, throwing throws and even trash in the garbage. Corridor walls are also dirty.

No numbers of security or MCST to call for residents to contact. Also clueless about community events and disconnected from the Singapore population unless you join the grassroots organisations.
J.Khoo by J.Khoo @ in Eastpoint Green Condominium Forum
Dear owners,
This estate has been approximately 20 yrs old , about time to propose for enbloc sale to benefits everyone.
Timely to agree to this proposal. Thank you.

Owner .
Khoo Hock Leong by Khoo Hock Leong @ in Eastpoint Green Condominium Forum
Just moved back from overseas to stay in own appt , discovered many rules and regulations have been breached by mostly tenants. Many Indian nationals have taken up tenancy eg my floor of 8 units, I am the only Chinese owner.
The tenants are couldn't  care less atitidude by occupying the common areas with fire hazard items.
Please look up into Blk 1C, # 03-05 common areas.
These practices also lower the estate images and its value.
Please enforce the rulings before it turned into slums.
Thank you.

Owner occupied.
Jerry Khoo
Blk 1.
cherylsp1 by cherylsp1 @

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Macie by Macie @ in Parklane Shopping Mall Forum
I went to Parklane shopping mall today and did a u-turn through the carpark as I miscalculated and was at the wrong place, and got charged $5.35 for it.

When I checked, the prices for the carpark were $3.20 for 1st hour. I was only in there for probably a minute. Even if there was no grace period, it still does not make sense for me to be charged a whopping $5.35?

I'm utterly disappointed.
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