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Pallavi Misra by Pallavi Misra @ in Baywater Condominium Forum
Hi, if you are looking for fun creative Art & Craft classes for your little ones aged 4-12, do join us.
We are located at The Clear Water. We can also come to your desired venue and time provided you have a group of at least 4 kids. Call us on 91845363 for more information.


Crop with Me

Visit our Facebook page
to see what our kids are doing.
New Resident by New Resident @ in A Treasure Trove Condominium Forum
Does any knows the management office number?
Resident by Resident @ in Tree House Condominium Forum
Heard that the main-gate for Treehouse was originally designed to open along Petir Road instead of Chestnut avenue.  Is this true?  Why did they change it last minute?  
Resident by Resident @ in Foresque Residences Condominium Forum
Foresque security is bad, almost any vehicle can drive in.  The guards simply let people in.  Many even park overnight without decals.  Wonder why nobody is doing anything!!!
Angie by Angie @ in People's Park Complex Forum
The People's park complex seems to be so popular amongst the older generations, such as my grandparents! Does anyone know how was People's Park Complex like in the early days? How did it attracted so many Chinese Singaporeans to visit it regularly? What kind of shops were there? How did people interact with each other there in the early days? Would appreciate if someone can share their experiences so that younger generations like me can better understand the rich Chinese Singaporean Culture! (:
Elle by Elle @ in Office for Rent
Call 98612708 now to view space. Looking to let go by march.
First come first serve.
johnsonj by johnsonj @ in The Seaview Condominium Forum
The Seaview condo is a freehold development located at 29-39Amber Road Singapore in District 1 and is expected to be finished by 2008. It will comprises 546 units. It is located near Dakota MRT station, East Coast Park and Geylang Serai Malay Village.
johnsonj by johnsonj @ in Spottiswoode 18 Condominium Forum
Spottiswoode 18 is a freehold property development situated at 18 Spottiswoode Park Road in District 2. It is consist of 251 residential units and layouts ranging from one to two bedrooms.
admin by admin @ in Shop for Rent
560 sqft space for rent

Please call Jason @ 92244666 for more info.
Tracyilmix by Tracyilmix @ in The Seaview Condominium Forum
The Seaview Condo offers inspiring views of water and greenery. It promise a complete lifestyle within immaculately landscaped grounds. The Seaview Condo has all the amenities and facilities that you need.
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