Confused by husband to be property

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Confused by husband to be property

Hi all

I will really like to seek clarifications & advice for the above mentioned.

My husband to be & I are planning to get a HDB resale or BTO. However, he is currently paying for his dad private property which is under his dad & brother name. He mentioned he has withdraw all his CPF for the initial payment & am using his CPF & possibly his dad CPF to combine to pay for the private property. Is this possible?

Also, will we be affected as 1st time applicant for a HDB BTO as he is paying for a private property. I do not think it will be possible for them to sell the private property. Im really confused and am not sure how to go ahead in making my choice for a flat unless I buy a resale or a 2rm on my own. My parents are rather against me staying far away from them. And they do not like resale too as the remaining years are too short.

Will really love to hear your advice or thoughts on this. Changing the husband however is not possible as I love him.

Thank you very much!

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Re: Confused by husband to be property


it seems that your boyfriend is already an owner/co-owner of the private property otherwise he would not be able to utilise his CPF for payment.

Since he already owns a private property, he might not be able to buy a HDB (new or resale) unless he withdraws his name from the private property.

You may like to seek professional assistance from an estate agent or call the relevant departments (CPF & HDB) for further clarification.