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The ultrafine mill is the first fine grinding product in China designed and produced by our company based on German advanced grinding technology. It fully complies with the energy-saving and environmental protection development trend of the domestic grinding market and combines the industry requirements with international standards for grinding. , Is the conscience product of the mill industry.
After the Ultrafine mill is fully crushed, it is evenly fed from the bottom to the top of the storage bin by the bucket elevator, and then it is sent to the host by the electromagnetic vibration feeder for grinding. The scrap entering the grinding chamber is lifted up by a shovel, crushed and crushed between the grinding roller and the ring, and blown into the grinding chamber under the action of a fan. The powder is blown into the analyzer and sorted. ; The powder that fails to meet the fineness requirements will fall into the grinding chamber for processing again, and the qualified fine powder will enter the finished product cyclone collector with the airflow, and after being separated from the air, it will be discharged as the finished product; the air will return to the air duct from the upper end Return to the fan to form a circulating air path, which can flow under negative pressure.
The ultra-fine mill can achieve crushing, grinding, lifting, dust removal, and packaging. The entire production replacement can be realized without manual care, which saves a considerable part of human resources for the majority of enterprises. The dust collector can realize the discharge of industrial dust after meeting the standards. This not only protects the environment, but also the dust in the dust collector can enter the market after precipitation. The ultra-fine mill has the characteristics of high output and low energy consumption. The new grinding disc design has high output and strong wear resistance. The service life is twice that of ordinary grinding discs. Using newly designed special bearings, high speed is achieved, while only using one The drive motor ensures efficient impact grinding, which greatly saves mechanical operation time and engineering control.
The ultra-fine mill is easy to install and maintain, and can be cleaned by opening the door. The milling process is completely sealed, no dust leaks, fully automated, automatic feeding, discharging, sorting, 10-120 mesh adjustable, easy adjustment of the grinding gap It can be adjusted precisely by using a feeler gauge and adjusting bolts. The cooling system of the main engine adopts a dual air and water cooling system. As a very important type of milling machine, ultrafine milling machine has been developed for a long time in China, and it has slowly started to develop rapidly, and slowly develops its shortcomings during the development. Get rid of. The economic development in recent years has been very good, making many domestic industries develop very fast, and the plastic mill industry has also developed very well. What value is there for the position of the plastic mill industry in the market is worth thinking about. Let ’s take a look at the plastic mill industry now in the social development and what status and value we usually have. .
Now mills can be used in many aspects of our lives. From this we can know how important the machinery industry is for our lives. ultrafine mills are a very important member of the mill industry. It can make our products more perfect. From the current situation, the future development of the plastic mill industry in our country is definitely good. Now the competition in the domestic and international markets is getting more and more fierce. We must continue to improve our ultrafine mill. The technical capabilities of the industry, as well as the level of innovation, allow our own ultra-fine mills to be compared with internationally advanced plastic mills. by crushermachine2@gmai... @ in Credit Card Promotions
The talc vertical roller mill is a kind of roller type milling equipment with a relatively small floor area, which is processed by the efficient talc vertical roller mill production scheme. It integrates crushing, drying, milling, powder selection, and powder processing to achieve a high fineness of 3000 mesh, which can effectively improve the output and service life of the talc vertical roller mill. With the needs of customers and the needs of the powder market, the advantages of vertical roller mills produced by Shanghai SBM have become increasingly prominent, and a number of different types of vertical roller mills have been introduced. It is an improved talc vertical roller mill based on the demand of the powder market.
Shanghai SBM can change the particle size of the talc vertical roller mill through simple adjustment. It has a built-in fineness control device, a screening device can be added to the screening device, and two gates are closed to ensure that neither excessive grinding nor unqualified products are made. Mixed into the finished product. The inside of the fuselage adopts a vortex device, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, and can quickly dry materials with high temperature hot air. The drying time of the materials in the equipment is increased, and the thermal efficiency is also improved. The rotating material of the cylinder is completely exchanged with air to cool the material below 200 ° C, while improving the quality and wear resistance of the clinker. This improves the performance of the talc vertical roller mill.
There are many types and types of talc vertical roller mills, and the performance of each type of machine in the production line is different. These different equipment models represent different production costs, so the price of talc vertical roller mills It will not be the same. In addition, changes in market demand and changes in the prices of raw materials make the production cost of talc vertical roller mills change. These factors make the sales price of talc vertical roller mills different in different periods. Therefore, SBM cannot directly tell the powder user the detailed price of the talc vertical roller mill, which needs to be judged one by one according to customer needs. If you need to obtain a quote for the vertical roller mill, you can log in to the SBM official website to check it. Adjust accordingly according to the needs of powder users.
As a Shanghai SBM, the talc vertical roller mill is used in the field of talc milling, which naturally brings a new climate of environmental protection and low-carbon milling. The talc vertical roller mill has high milling efficiency, low unit energy consumption and production power Compared with traditional mills, the amount is significantly reduced. The powder making environment is sealed and dust-free, avoiding secondary pollution of the workshop environment caused by dust spillage, and environmental protection and low carbon. The type of powder produced by the type mill is different, which is suitable for some high-standard powder industries. by crushermachine2@gmai... @ in Credit Card Promotions

The latest crushing mobile crusher adopts the latest news and advanced manufacturing technology. It adopts high-quality high-chromium plate hammer, wear-resistant and anti-eating plate, and the crushing ratio is large. In addition, the crusher itself is made of high-quality characteristics. Make this set of mobile crushing station machinery and equipment have more universal application scope. The characteristics of counter-break Portable crusher plant, the characteristics of counter-break mobile crusher are: large mud production, medium crushing, high efficiency, economic development, strong adaptability, crushing and screening solution, self-loading belt conveyor.
1. The equipment is equipped with flexibility, which can be produced separately by a single generator set, or it can cooperate with rough equipment and equipment. In addition to the diesel generator set provided in the mobile crushing station generator set, in addition to the power supply system of the generator set, the step system can be provided with a coordinated power supply system for the step system, which further improves the adaptability of the machine equipment.
2. The mobile crushing station generator car has a high chassis, the overall body width is lower than the operating trailer, and the minimum turning radius is small, which is conducive to driving in the natural environment of the smashing and extreme road surface of the plant area, and is more beneficial to the project construction area.
3. Equipped with a counter-attack crusher that can carry out on-site crushing of certain first-line raw materials, and the immediate output rate is ideal for sand and stone products with a particle size distribution. In addition, the expansion of the scope of work also reduces the migration and transportation costs of raw materials. In addition, the extended crushing unit in the middle crushing mobile crushing station can immediately feed the crushed raw materials into the bucket of the loading carriage for convenient and immediate transportation.
4. Impact crusher's basic principle of impact crushing The output rate of the finished product has a better particle size distribution, which can improve the overall working efficiency of the mobile crusher.
5. Anti-breaking mobile crushing station generator unit installation equipment integration, overall flexibility is strong, the indoor space space layout is reasonable and compact, saving time and indoor space for on-site project construction, improving coordination, and eliminating many places Infrastructure construction greatly reduces project investment costs, and simple operation and maintenance. The division of responsibilities of the generator set equipped with machinery and equipment is simple and clear, which is conducive to maintenance. Principle When crushing and crushing mobile crushing station is selected to carry out the crushing work, the crushed raw materials are immediately crushed by the impact crusher to a medium fine particle size, and the closed-circuit screening respiratory system composed of a circular vibrating sieve is immediately made into an ideal product. It is then output to a specific address by a belt conveyor. by crushermachine2@gmai... @ in Credit Card Promotions
In the stone production line, the use of more equipment is the crusher, including jaw crusher for coarse crushing, secondary and fine counterattack crusher, or mining with heavy polycrystalline silicon carbide. Stone production line equipment maintenance work is mainly about the crusher equipment. The present situation of crusher equipment is briefly introduced from three aspects.
The bearing is the part of the crusher that wears quickly. Equipment maintenance is very important. Lubricate the bearing to increase the service life of the bearing.
When changing the oil used to clean gasoline or kerosene, replace the amount of oil in the bearing seat every three months and carefully clean the bearing raceway. Shaft plate and shaft pad surface contact, before moving must spray oil.
3 routine inspection accessories. Jaw break belt is indispensable on stone product line. Adjust the tightness of the conveyor belt regularly to ensure the uniform receiving strength of the machine in the conveyor belt.
When the crusher is used, the electricity will be hot. The average customer will think this is normal and can be ignored, but often because it is ignored, it can lead to other problems with the device, so the problem cannot be found. The reason. The following xiaobian analysis of the crusher motor knowledge:
First, when buying crusher, crusher model must match the motor. If the motor is small or large, it is prone to failure, such as heating or even burning. Second, don't underestimate the crusher. Installation, good start is a successful step, crusher installation should be under the guidance of professional personnel installation and debugging; In addition, the blades of the crusher fan can fall off or wear away, resulting in heat from the crusher motor. At this point, we should check whether the motor fan blade falls off or is worn, and timely deal with the problem. In addition, crusher motor power is too large, will produce too much wind speed. When the wind speed is too low, the outlet is blown back, resulting in an output. Low, repeatedly returning to the furnace and repeatedly damaging the material will cause the crusher motor to heat up. If the motor voltage is too low, the load on the motor will increase and abnormal heat will occur.
Open circuit and closed circuit: in the production of crusher, the circulation is divided into road circulation and closed circuit circulation. The former is called a sieve, then broken, the latter is called first broken and then sifted. Firstly, the crushed material is screened through the finished product, and then it enters the secondary crushing inlet for crushing, which increases the output of the finished product and the needle content. A broken sieve is a material that is broken in the first place. Enter the feed port of the secondary crusher, and then re-enter the finished product sieve for screening. The whole system is a closed system, no damaged materials are lost, the cycle load is large, but the product shape is good, in the actual production of the crusher, open or closed the choice can be based on the production demand;
Ring load: the crusher works in the closed loop. By increasing the outfall and increasing the load in the circulation, the particle shape of the stone will become better. During the whole process, the wear of each device in the system increases due to increased cyclic loads, but when adjusting the outlet, the load of the main crushing motor can be reduced and the finished product's particle shape becomes better. Therefore, in the production, cycle load adjustment is very important.
Feed size: for crushers, feed size can be processed by different types or different models. If the feed size is not appropriate, the discharge quality is not up to standard. For example, when the feed size is reduced from 100mm to 50mm, the needle content in the finished product is reduced by 38%, so the feed size should meet the requirements of the production equipment. by crushermachine2@gmai... @ in Credit Card Promotions
In recent years, the mobile crushing station has invested a lot in the field of construction waste resource utilization, which is welcomed by cities. The mobile crushing station can be directly driven to the site, the transfer operation is very convenient, the screening efficiency is high, and the output is large, which is very suitable for narrow terrain, urban demolition and other terrain operations. It is especially suitable for the treatment of construction waste crusher. Today we come to understand the effectiveness of mobile crushing stations in other fields. How about the crushing of ore in quarries?
First: The mobile crushing station has a good crushing effect on bluestone, limestone, granite, river pebble, etc. The production of hard rock screening and sandstone aggregate can meet customers' mobile screening requirements. ,
Second: flexible movement and wide application range. Taking a tire-type mobile crushing station as an example, this type of mobile crushing station equipment can not only run on ordinary highways, but also run in the harsh environment of the crushing yard area, and can operate in harsh stone yards and mining crushing sites.
Third: The crushing effect is good. This mobile crushing station equipment can process different degrees of crushing according to different mineral raw materials and customer requirements, and can complete coarse crushing, medium crushing, fine crushing and other processing of minerals at one time. Meet the various needs of users.
Fourth: Low investment cost and fast return. This equipment is different from the fixed crushing equipment. It can directly enter the quarry on-site processing operation of materials, which not only saves the capital of the infrastructure construction, but also reduces the consumption of materials and man-hours to a certain extent.
The mobile crushing station is also widely used in the field of mining, and has made great contributions. Our factory is a professional manufacturer of mobile crushing stations and fixed crushing stations. Interested customers are welcome to call for free consultation for more information and configuration quotes. by crushermachine2@gmai... @ in Credit Card Promotions
The grinding disc is mainly composed of a disc body, a lining plate, a pressure block, a retaining ring, a scraper plate, an air ring, and a wind deflector. The primary function of the grinding disc is to support the material bed and transmit the force generated by the grinding roller to the lower speed reducer. It also transmits the torque of the reducer to the grinding area. The grinding disc forms an annular cavity with the air duct, and the wind flows out from this cavity and enters the grinding chamber through the ventilation ring.
With the rapid development of modern science and technology, the vertical roller mill will become more and more large, which will inevitably affect the quality and structural dimensions of its main components such as grinding discs, grinding rollers, swing arms, swing arms, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize the design of these vertical roller mill parts.
You will be beaten if you are behind. Therefore, when the vertical roller mill is in the grinding industry, it is necessary to fight back and update, otherwise, it will lag behind, so the vertical roller mill needs to be optimized.
The optimization of the vertical roller mill is divided into two stages:
① Perform topology optimization. That is, the main purpose of clarifying the good shape, stiffness, volume, or reasonable natural frequency of the part is to clarify the direction of optimization.
② Optimize the size. The main purpose is to determine the specific dimensions of the optimized part. Size optimization is usually performed after topology optimization is completed.
When sizing, you first need to define a reasonable range of variation for the two design variables. According to the static strength analysis of the vertical grinding disc, it can be known that the location of the stress concentration of the grinding disc is at the corner of the lower part of the grinding disc, and as the thickness mouth of the stress concentration increases, the large stress value decreases. After analyzing the strength of the grinding wheel of the vertical roller mill, it is found that the large stress of the grinding disc is far smaller than the allowable stress of the grinding disc, and the key part of the stress concentration is at the lower corner of the grinding disc. The topology optimization clarifies the optimization direction of the grinding disc and provides alternative input parameters for size optimization. After optimization, the quality of the grinding disc is reduced under the condition that its large stress and large displacement remain basically unchanged.
The above phenomenon shows that the quality of the grinding disc can be reduced by appropriately increasing the size of the stress concentration part and greatly reducing the size of other parts that have less influence on the stress of the grinding disc. Therefore, the thickness opening at the stress concentration point can be reasonably defined for optimal design. by crushermachine2@gmai... @ in Credit Card Promotions
Nowadays, China is vigorously promoting the construction of modern cities, and in this process, the requirements for machinery and equipment are getting higher and higher. The crawler construction waste crusher is produced to meet the market demand, and has good crushing performance. It is widely used in the mining of ore crushing, construction waste recycling and crushing, highway, railway, bridge construction and other industries. However, any machine will inevitably wear out or malfunction during long-term use. How to perform daily maintenance to ensure the working efficiency of the mobile crushing station? The editor summarized a few suggestions for your reference.
Tracked mobile crushing station site
First: Minor repair refers to our daily inspection and maintenance. The equipment should be lubricated as required. Like large equipment, if a cone and large jaw crusher are used, there is usually a forced lubrication system. In addition, observe the tightness of the fastening parts in time.
Second: Intermediate repair. Pay attention to noise and vibration when the equipment is running. If excessive noise and vibration occur, stop the machine and check it quickly. After troubleshooting, start work in order. After any machine is used for a period of time, it should be inspected to troubleshoot in a timely manner.
Third: Overhaul, only when the machine has a serious failure and cannot continue working. We need to shut down one by one to repair the problem, and work on the test machine after solving it.
As a high-efficiency crushing equipment, the crawler mobile crushing station has advanced technology, complete functions, high production efficiency, and uniform particle size. Under any terrain conditions, the crawler mobile crushing station can reach the site to work. However, the daily maintenance work cannot be ignored. Only regular maintenance can ensure its efficient work efficiency and extend its service life, creating greater value for customers. by crushermachine2@gmai... @ in Credit Card Promotions

In the production line, most of the raymond mill work outdoors. Due to the restrictions of the production conditions of the enterprises and the working conditions of the Raymond mills, they have to be produced outdoors, but the Raymond mills are also invisible. Production has a certain impact, not only has affected the use time of the Raymond mill and the milling effect of the mill, so what are the bad effects? Let ’s introduce it to the SBM heavy trade union.
First of all, according to the construction site space is not enough, the machine is difficult to maintain, so users should choose a reliable quality merchant when purchasing equipment, and at the same time replace or repair the Raymond mill accessories in a timely manner.
Second, the equipment can be easily moved. Due to changes in working conditions, the power also changes greatly, so the Raymond mill needs to be checked after each move.
Then, some environments are harsh, humid, and ore are potentially explosive, so the use of Raymond mill must understand the surrounding environment and the performance of the ore.
Finally, the open-air raymond mill is subject to long-term wind, sun, rain and changes in the weather throughout the year, which will cause the paint on the machine to fall off easily, which will cause the machine to rust and some parts The friction is serious, so regular inspection is needed to allow technicians to take good care of it.
The above methods are simply introduced in detail, but the production efficiency of Raymond mill is closely related to its quality, and also has a certain relationship with the working environment of the mill. If you understand the efficiency of the mill, Some factors can easily achieve the production efficiency of Raymond Mill, but you still need to ensure the quality of Raymond Mill. If you want to learn more about this, you can consult our customer service staff online , We will serve you wholeheartedly. by crushermachine2@gmai... @ in Credit Card Promotions
The grinding ring, roller and blade in the raymond mill are generally made of relatively strong manganese steel, so they are more wear-resistant. For the Raymond mill, there will be some aging phenomena under long-term use. So, how much do you know about the Raymond mill blade? The following is a brief introduction for everyone.
First, the Raymond mill is determined by the size of the blade of the blade, so there is an inseparable relationship between the blade and the equipment. Without the blade, the grinding material cannot be completed. The blade also has a distinction between large and small models. The small Raymond mill blade is a 3R type, which also determines the blade model.
Second, the shovel blade, shovel blade and blade plate of Raymond Mill have played a very important role. It directly affects the production of the equipment. If the wear is serious, the equipment will not work properly Running. Therefore, the blade is one of the indispensable parts relative to the core of the Raymond mill.
3. In the production process of Raymond mill, if the shovel is to work continuously, it is necessary to do regular maintenance and use it properly. In use, if the operation is improper, the device will not work properly. At the same time, periodically check the wear of the blade, because when the raymond mill grinds the material, the hardness of each material is different, and its blade needs to complete the role of shovel. And the strength is also different. The same hard materials are more likely to affect the wear of the blade. Regular inspection and maintenance will improve the production efficiency of the equipment.
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