District 23 Buildings

Resident Evil by Resident Evil @ in Foresque Residences Condominium Forum
Previous management screwed up. Think its Knight Frank.  Horrible.  Parking lots all used up by lorries and trucks.  Lots suka suka put red white tape, elevator padding never removed after people move in/out.  What the hell are these people paid for?
Resident by Resident @ in Tree House Condominium Forum
Heard that the main-gate for Treehouse was originally designed to open along Petir Road instead of Chestnut avenue.  Is this true?  Why did they change it last minute?  
Resident by Resident @ in Foresque Residences Condominium Forum
Foresque security is bad, almost any vehicle can drive in.  The guards simply let people in.  Many even park overnight without decals.  Wonder why nobody is doing anything!!!
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