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 I  wanted to warn everyone about a crooked landlord at blk 46, #10-127. My partner and I suffered in the hands of this fraudulent, horrible woman Nicole Halse (formerly Cantik). We originally tried to rent her unit and transferred our "good faith deposit" promptly to her. However we didn't hear anything from her until 2 weeks later, 2 days before we were due to complete on the agreement, then she over wrote some of the terms in the Tenancy agreement  - making changes to the standard repair amount and changing the start date to a past date. In addition she over-wrote our requests to update or remove the beds which were in disrepair.
She wanted us to buy new beds and leave them in the inventory at the end of tenancy, which is completely unreasonable! When we tried to make a compromise to contribute a % of the cost, she would not back down. In the end we declined to sign the agreement on her terms then she refused to return our good faith deposit!! We are now taking this woman to court. Please be aware!!

I'm not sure if there's a way to even blacklist rogue landlords like this?
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