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In this article, we will consider the student research plan and its main sections for the implementation of individual research activities at school, writing and designing a research project. We will try to answer the questions and plan on how to write a research paper. These recommendations will be important for teachers to carry out research and design activities at school.

Research plan
An example and a sample of a student’s research plan is also a plan for an individual project, carried out under the guidance of a teacher of a certain subject.
 1. Title page of research
2. The content of the research work
3. Introduction of research
Research Introduction Structure:
4. Historical background on the problem of the project
5. The bulk of research
6. Conclusion
The conclusion of the research work is a brief conclusion on the results of the research work or project of the student, an assessment of the completeness of the solution of the tasks.
7. Used literature
8. Applications
 Particular attention should be paid to the relevance of research, for example, now during the epidemic, the problem of the economic crisis is very relevant. On the site, you can find an example of research work Covid-19 and the economic problem.
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