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Posted by johntimber johntimber

I am moving to Singapore in 3 months and therefore I am looking for an apartment for rent. While doing some research I found out that there are so called 'HDB flats' in Singapore. They are much more cheaper than other properties for rent. I could not find out if you can rent such a flat as expatriate. I hope u can help me with that and tell me more about the requirements etc.

How does it actually work with the agent fees/comissions when renting a property? Do I as a tenant pay? Or does the landlord cover it? Is it better to contact agents directly instead of searching for properties in the web? Are there any agents you can recommend?

I just started with searching for an apartment, condo etc. for rent. At the moment I am based in Europe. And I will move to Singapore in 3 months. I am planning to stay in a hotel for the first time. How is your experience. Is it too early if I flew to Singapore now for making appointments with agents?

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