I feel like a terrible person.

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The fact is that my husband is seriously ill. He has been in a coma for six months now. Doctors don't give positive forecasts and say that if he comes out of a coma, he will soon die. For a long time, I tried to come to terms with this thought, but I give up. I'm only 35, and I would like a full-fledged family, would like to have children. Of course, ideally, from her husband. Unfortunately, this isn't possible. Lately, my lawyer has been advising me to fill out Maine divorce forms. And I almost agreed to do it. Understand, I just don't see any other way out. But the thought of doing it makes me feel like a terrible person. Please, if you have something to say, write. Thanks for listening, I felt a little better.

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Re: I feel like a terrible person.

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