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Poor Management - Belmond Green

Belmond Green Block15 Resident
Poor Management - Belmond Green

Belmond Green has One of the Poorest Management Team. Lobby is leaking water. Car Park is leaking water. It already took the Management team years to try to get it fixed and still nothing get done.

The worst block is Block15 which clearly can see on the lobby ... TWO BIG BROWN spots have been there for last 3 years .. nothing has done to fix it ..
The car park for Block15 has 1/4 of parking spaces blocked off as they are leaking water from the TOP.

The board has quite of bit of residents from Block15. Not sure why they did not do anything about it to make Block15 a better living condition?

There is a SINKING fund that the residents has to pay as part of the Management fee? NOT sure where are those sinking fund money go ..