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That Star Player Leaves The Court

A button that the press in a pass which produces the player grabbing it to make an effort to catch the ball out three-point line rather than a man who is sitting in the corner wide open shooting a step in to grab the pass from my pg with hall of fame dimer. In precisely the same sort of thought maybe there could be a button which allows the participant to catch a pass in a jump stop-animation so that they can shoot right away in their normal jump shot rather than having to lean or having to wait a second before they can shoot it. I am pretty sure all of us hate it when we grab a pass and the game animation compels us to step within the three-point line rather than shooting the three we wanted.

Also, everyone appears to hate when the game forces you to shoot a thinner on the grab when in a more realistic sense in the event that you wanted to catch and take on the move you would go catch at a jump stop (like Klay Thompson does) and pull up without leaning in the event that you have enough body control. The way to apply: Pretty easy really, while the pass is at the air just press something like triangle/Y once or to do both cartoon. Should they still want the choice to allow you to throw a lob pass or a bounce pass directly on the catch (which I really don't see folks do at all) then make the jump-stop and three-point feet setting commands some thing like L2/LT+triangle/Y and L2/LT+circle/B while the pass is in the air.

While it's been alright the last couple of years, I think an overhaul of the air and surroundings would take this game to another level with the ideal changes. A new crew. Listening to Kevin Harlan is getting stale, particularly with the lines from years and years ago. See the improvement in the crowd of WWE 2K. I think it's time to create the folks in the audience a little more life-like.

Better commentator & crowd reactions after big plays. Among the worst parts of it now, is the random silence. For instance, there's a good chance my home crowd will cheer for me once I make a 3-pointer, but if I slip the ball another after and score again, there's also a better than good probability that the crowd will randomly move silent. And of course, the audience noise itself sounds like it is stuck in past gen. More statistical displays during matches. When playing with a year, there should be real time updated stats and head to head comparisons of positions sense that's been lacking for far too long.

Check out for more details.