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They'Re Running A Bare Bones Team

That is what has gotten me. Except making more cards what do they DO with MUT? They do not have engine and a framework for that by now? Should be able to do that with a content management system. what else are they building? I do not remember seeing anything new even MUT works Since having loaded that game a ton of occasions. They are running a bare bones group who just adds in a couple of half baked ideas to throw on the box using some obscure wordage while they invest most of their budget on marketing to try and get kids who frankly don't understand any better to buy it.

EAs inventory hasn't been doing well for a while, and instead of doing what other publishers have done making good Madden NFL and listening to feedback, EA has decided to strip to make their inventory more appealing. Madden is one of those few franchises which offer a boost to their stock which is why EA is currently trying to milk it so hard. Their executives have the foresight of a bag of marbles. EA earns one dollars a year ok Fifa alone. Stock is fitter than my friend. They keep putting out this crap, that. Only way is to vote with your dollars. People would need to refuse to buy it. However there are far less die challenging than casuals who honestly don't care and just want an updated roster on the field with similar enough stats to actual life.

This may seem kinda dumb but I feel like at this point they ought to divide the dev team and split up Madden NFL 21. Rather than paying $60 for Madden, have it divided into 2 choices. Kinda like that Warzone and the regular game divide, but that is somewhat different. There should be 3 buying choices. Option A: For $30 you get access to Ultimate Team and play today and that type of stuff but no franchise mode. But no Supreme Team. And Choice C: you purchase the entire game for $60. Instead of giving 90 percent to Mut and taking all of the funds, you take the earnings and divide it.

Example, if they make $10M from the franchise just earnings, allow the franchise team use that money to improve, and should they earn $30M in the MUT only earnings, allow the MUT team use that money. And take the sales from the $60 bundle that is full and divide it. It divides up the team, let each team have creative control over their respective components of Madden NFL 21, and they are not gonna eliminate any money make them create more from microtransactions than they do game earnings anyhow. Then it let's the diehard Franchise fans have a slightly cheaper option to get what they want because they wont perform MUT anyway. And there is still the choice. Then maybe they will see the earnings numbers and see diehard franchise people are still here and aren't a small proportion of gamers. I know this would never happen, but it was just a thought.

Check out for more details.