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My future goals as an entrepreneur and a graduate is to get a job according to my qualification. Any job in management sphere or any other position in startup companies in technology or marketing fields will be appropriate for me as a business student. Currently, I am trying to find options at either GoDaddy, Crunchyroll, Weebly, or any other similar company. I aim to graduate within the next years with the major distinction or with top grades. Moreover, my future goal refers to working with companies that will give me the opportunity to travel abroad. Thus, it will allow me to learn other important things regarding business and gain new experience.
My purpose is to work in a company that is exclusively innovative, engaging, and having friendly atmosphere. Hence, I would like to do everything possible to find my way to the global enterprises. Furthermore I am eager to fulfill my dream of visiting another country. Besides, I am aggressive and hard-working person. Therefore, as long as I love my job, I will work hard to attain my goals.
Among all my strengths and values I can mention integrity, assiduity, honesty, friendliness, and responsibility.
My mission is to serve a company with a significant experience, and to realize everything I have learned at school fostering the success of such organization.
i. How can I achieve what I want in the future?
ii. What is the most influential thing I would want to do and does the company support me in doing it?
iii. Am I happy with the decision I made? Am I happy with the current state of things?
The most impressive thing about me is that I am willing to perform any duty if I am given an opportunity to learn. I have the capability to learn several subjects at a time or learn one at a time if it is convenient to the other party. Furthermore, I will present to my employers an individual who is self-driven, willing to work hard, organized, and determined to produce results meeting the customers expectations. In comparison to other students I am diligent, always ready to learn and improve my skills and help other with their business tasks.
Nowadays, I have very limited goals. I aim to graduate, get a job, work for a few years, and then, arrange other things. To achieve these milestones, I will judge myself based on my current position. In case I feel confident, I will work hard to advance my abilities and skills. Conversely, if I am not confident in my new job, I will find a way to improve my skills. I will regard my annual feedback of my bosses. For example, if they are happy with my performance, I will let them know that I am interested in working with them. If they recommend the area for improvement, I will find a way to improve it.
I don’t recognize many people who could be my mentor. However, there is one person I would like to get advice from. This is Hayao Miyazaki who works with Studio Ghibi as an animator. Miyazaki’s s film inspired many people. His activity inspires me to visit other countries since I have a dream to become a comic book artist. Moreover, I find my teacher and friends great individuals since they effectively mentor me in the persuasion of my goal and provide support when necessary. Therefore, I can describe my personal business plan as lucrative and resourceful for skills nurturing.
About the author: Scarlett Turner is a bachelor in Literature at California University. She is currently working as one of the best writers at the She also studies feminine psychology.
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The fact is that my husband is seriously ill. He has been in a coma for six months now. Doctors don't give positive forecasts and say that if he comes out of a coma, he will soon die. For a long time, I tried to come to terms with this thought, but I give up. I'm only 35, and I would like a full-fledged family, would like to have children. Of course, ideally, from her husband. Unfortunately, this isn't possible. Lately, my lawyer has been advising me to fill out Maine divorce forms. And I almost agreed to do it. Understand, I just don't see any other way out. But the thought of doing it makes me feel like a terrible person. Please, if you have something to say, write. Thanks for listening, I felt a little better.

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An embryo is the development that arises because of the fertilization of the female egg. It is the early developmental stage of a fetus within the first eight weeks of fertilization. Harvesting refers to the extraction of a female egg, ovum and a male cell, sperm purposely for artificial fertilization. During the extraction of the ovum, ultra-sound guided needle is used to enhance careful operations. The eggs are then stored in tubes containing nitrogen liquid; this process is called freezing. Freezing is performed to eliminate any traces of ice crystals that may lead to the damage of cells. Fertilization of the ovum is then performed by injecting a single sperm into the ovum. Genetic manipulation entails making available desired conditions that will lead to the desired traits in the embryo. Elimination is also done to that embryo that manifests undesired traits. Ethical theories are various arguments that give directions on various causes of actions to be adopted for various situations. Consequentialism is one of the major ethical theories. The theory stipulates that an action should be adopted based on its consequences. It states that if the consequences of the cause of action are good, then it should be adopted; and when the results are negative, then it should not be adopted. Additionally, it states that good consequences are those in which happiness is maximized. The theory further stipulates that sometimes, the traditional moral values can be undermined in order to carry out an action that has positive results. Besides, the consequences should be beneficial to the majority of persons. The theory does not give a fixed judgment on the use of technology to create life. Decisions on whether or not to create life by using technology should greatly rely on the consequences of an action and not even the existing governing rules.
Social and moral values are generally accepted ethical standards in a given society. On the other hand, norms are the principles that guide and regulate the actions undertaken by members of a given society. Technological use in life creation has greatly impacted norms, moral and social values of the society. In addition, nursing practices have also been affected by these developments. Marriage is a social institution that is highly regarded in any society with the central purpose of raising siblings. Posthumous conception has led people opting to remain single but use technology to acquire offspring. This has had devastating effects on the social set-up as siblings are raised in single-parent families, and instilling a notion in them that this is the order of the day. Consequently, chauvinism will arise; this occurs since men will not realize the need of women in marriage; women as well will not realize the need of men in marriages. This is clearly manifested in the United States, where several families are single parented. These developments have corrupted the sanctity of marriage, as viewed by various religious doctrines that instruct that marriage is a constitution of two different sexes uniting. It is a generally accepted that life begins at conception and ends at death. Death should be natural and no one should terminate life. Posthumous conception has largely violated this as during genetic manipulation, embryos portraying undesired traits are terminated and others are developed. Due to many controversial arguments and moral concerns, various governments have adopted a policy that only people with official consent are authorized to indulge in the assisted reproduction technology. The policy has diversified nursing practices as nurses perform the assurance of the consent. Besides, the advancement in technological use has demanded for nurses also to be competent in technological use.
In an interview with a catholic priest, he strongly criticized the use of technology in life creation. He argued that the process lowers human dignity; the act of life being cultured in a test tube was very diminishing. He stated that the procedure adopted was very daring and could result into the loss of precious lives. Opposing the idea, some experts agree that his clarification was that the development of life should only take place in the uterus, as designated by God. Moreover, he opposed the action of terminating the undesired traits during the genetic manipulation stipulating that nobody can control one’s life if not God. In line with the case in question, he stated that Capato’s family indulgence in posthumous conception was evil and misguided. He stated that children are blessings from God, and the family was to be satisfied with one child naturally conceived. In relation to marriage, he stated that the process was a threat to marriage that was a Holy institution. He stipulated that a marriage union ends on the demise of one partner. He opposed the act of Capato’s wife using his sperm even after his death stating that this is contrary to marriage principles since death made an end to their union. Since technological creation of life entailed looking for sperm and ovum with desired traits, he opined that the practice could lead to infidelity that was a contradiction to marriage principles that advocated for faithfulness in abiding to one partner. The above argument can be formulated into the following logical questions:
· Does technological life creation compromise human dignity?
· Should undesired traits be terminated during genetic manipulation?
· Does posthumous conception promote infidelity in marriage?
In conclusion, it becomes evident that in view of the consequential theory, technological creation of life has a flurry of negative consequences, and individuals should at all costs stick to the natural way of conception.
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