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  <p>  1 of 2 Urwerk UR-103 prototypes has been found in stainless steel  </p> 
 <p>  The watch that really changed the of modern timepieces.    Urwerk 110 UR-110 Ti PVD     </p> 
 <p>  Imagine seeing this see at the Basel International See Fair in 2003. That watch is almost completely hard to recognise. Urwerk was founded in 1996, but its UR-101 and UR-102 watches are still relatively smaller round cases, and for unaccustomed people, they can still be " traditional" watches. N. P. Journe's Chronomètreà Résonance and Vianney Halter's Antiqua are only a few years old. The particular Richard Mille, De Bethune and Harry Winston Aktualus projects have just started; MB& F is still a few years out. The watch world is a a lot more conservative place, and UR-103 clearly shows the appearance of a new generation-they usually are here to compete.  </p> 
 <p>  But the UR-103 we certainly have here is not one of the mass-produced wristwatches made from a variety of precious metals and also a variety of gorgeous cases inside the following seven years. Zero, this is more special as compared to this. This is UR-103 type #1, which is a very stunning watch presented to prospective retailers at the Basel Global Watch and Jewellery Good in 2003, with the function of persuading them to create a hazard for Urwerk's wild design. There are a total of about three prototypes, two of which were displayed at Baselworld 2003, and something was produced before elegant mass production. The former is constructed of stainless steel, because the brand does not have capital to make gold timepieces before the order is placed, and the latter is made of rare metal and basically undergoes top quality control checks before the ultimate watch case is made. The second watch is residing in the Urwerk archive, although this is the private collection of     Swiss watches for sale     vendor and collector Steve Hallock. When he bought me a couple of weeks ago, he was happy to reveal this with me. news. You can view his personal thoughts on the watch. Not any, this watch is not on the market. Don't even ask.  </p> 
 <p>  How did this kind of watch evolve from the AHCI booth in Basel for the collection of Steve in Are usually? In fact , it is very simple. This timepiece was originally sold to web pages Westime, one of Urwerk's first retailers, Westime is also inside Los Angeles, which may be thanks to their very own early support. A few years afterwards, Westime sold the watches to be able to customers and shipped these from there to Steve before this year. There is nothing ridiculous below, Urwerk is happy to validate to me that this is actually the top watch and it has been in the body all the time. Normally, watches are located in the " out of print" class, which is not the case, so it is good to see the clean paper the following so that we know what to handle.  </p> 
 <p>  Hallock claimed: " The UR-103 just might be the most important modern independent observe, both in terms of my very own journey in the industry and the background of what I like to phone " contemporary timepieces. " From outsiders to standard systems, this is usually a great creativity process in society. Setting it up requires extreme persistence, homework and creativity to go. Its creators did almost everything they could to create what they thought. Similarly, it is very rare to get a brand to make such a nouveau modele. Its existence is completely the product or service of a unique Urwerk history and historical timing. Typically, this ingenuity is abstractly distributed throughout the brand or perhaps model, but in this case The specific situation is all focused on this     Online replica watches   . "  </p> 
 <p>  The basic bones in addition to internal organs of UR-103 tend to be here and explained. The design of the case should be as it must be, although it is made of stainless steel using a slightly rough industrial-style finish off; movement is as it should be; from your rotating satellite dish for the front to the earliest " control panel" display within the back of the watch, All exhibits are there. But there are some modest quirks that further get this prototype unique.  </p> 
 <p>  There are two very wonderful features on the back of that UR-103. First, the mins and seconds hands tend not to match. One is gilded, one other is not. The day before Baselworld, Urwerk's supplier failed to offer the last gold medal necessary for the control panel, and co-founder Felix Baumgartner had to improvise. He pulled out a side from the standard ETA movements, reduced it to his very own size, and installed the idea on the watch. There is no as well as resources to match it. Yet this is not the only abnormal give on the back of the watch. The strength reserve indicator uses a reddish second hand. The supplier could not have the money to pay for making one particular hand red, so they decorated the standard hand red with all the nail polish of Baumgartner's brother's girlfriend. The palms are not even metal, however plastic. not traditional? needless to say. But this completed the task.    replica Tag Heuer Monaco watches     </p> 
 <p>  Making this view presented many challenges in this ambitious young company. This particular watch is Urwerk's 1st three-dimensional case structure. UR-101 and 102 cases have been originally hand-processed by Baumgartner's brother, but it was extremely hard to use UR-103. This means they must confuse CNC machine instruments with 3-D design applications, which brings their own problems and benefits. Martin Frei, the co-founder of Baumgartner and responsible for the design of UR-103, was living in Brooklyn, Nyc, which meant he necessary a computer to plan the new case. Frei ordered schooling from the legendary camera as well as electronics store B& L and waited patiently, nonetheless it did not show up. It turns out it had been accidentally sent to a difficult workshop elsewhere in the storage place building, and his landlord never ever paid attention to telling him. Thankfully, he found it just before anyone else found it. Suppose whether Urwerk collapsed because of a simple package loss?  </p> 
 <p>  After figuring out the planning, the actual housing and parts were made. It's not seamless, yet there are some happy accidents. " From the side, on the finished surface of the wing account, you will see that the shape of the rounded body is only a little misaligned, " Frei said. " The protruding lugs are usually slightly smaller in width. This specific detail stems from an error, a great inaccurate construction. I like the particular error that happened right away and accidentally, and made a decision to use it for the work. I believe, the important thing is to have a possibility Be part of the design. "    perfect Bovet watches     </p> 
 <p>  Still pushing boundaries and working with these ups and downs has become a important part of Urwerk's approach. Baumgartner said: " I just love to explore the limitations of wrist watches. " " And, I actually still do it. "  </p> 
 <p>  Although this enjoy obviously had a huge impact around the entire watchmaking industry, it absolutely was also an extremely personal job for Baumgartner and Frye. After shutting down the business completely, they began to review UR-103 seriously in early 2002. Independent watchmaking is a trial, and several storms hit them at once. But they decided to try out again, UR-103 was a failure or success for Urwerk. It is also well worth noting that it has been greater than five years since the institution of the company. They are previously deep. Therefore , you will reduce them for holding all their breath when the doors in the 2003 Basel International Observe and Jewellery Fair wide open. Fortunately, the matter was fixed and they received the buy that afternoon (the pair said that 4: 00 pm hours was the first handshake agreement), and the rest, as they stated, were all history.  </p> 
 <p>  I asked Baumgartner and also Frey about their memories on this watch, and they still maintain a special place. Frey mentioned: " I still deal with it. " Frey is mostly responsible for the design of the watch. " It contains the time when we produced it, and every aspect of the item tells me the story and its that means again. Life is captured within it. " Baumgartner felt the identical. He said: " If you wear it on your wrist, you can immediately have a new perception of the appearance of the see. " " UR-103 is actually a milestone in today's high-end observe method. It is certainly not alone, but it is a Very cool design. "    replica Corum Golden Bridge Watches     </p>