What to look for in a Computer Science course?

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What to look for in a Computer Science course?


I teach high school web design, web programming, and computer science. At the request of a bunch of kids (and several parents), I've started a computer club that will be open to 9th-12th graders, and the first meeting is tomorrow. Each meeting will last for about an hour. I'm looking for some activity ideas. I don't want to have a lot of crossover with the classes that I already teach (i.e. I don't want to teach Java at club meetings, since that's what I teach in CompSci). I was thinking of the following things to do as main activities in meetings:
* 1 hour web page
* PC maintenance, including cleaning, installing RAM, that sort of thing
* PC troubleshooting, what to do when there are hardware or OS issues
* Picking the right laptop for college
Any other ideas?

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