basalt crushing equipment

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High hardness and high compression resistance are very good materials in the highway and railway industries. Due to the unique properties of the material, it is even more critical when choosing a crushing basalt equipment!
What equipment is used to crush basalt? For you here
The Jaw Crusher South Africa Sale   has fine crushing equipment and coarse crushing equipment. The specifications of the basalt stones are 5-10mm, 10-15mm, and 15-20mm, which are suitable for you

In consulting the crushing basalt equipment, many users are more concerned about the output of the equipment for one hour. The output of a crushing basalt equipment is related to the model, configuration, and production operation of the equipment;
Jaw crusher, in the ideal state, the output ranges from 100-1000t / h in one hour, cone crusher; the output of multi-cylinder cone crusher ranges from 160-730t; the output of single-cylinder cone crusher ranges from 85-1170t / h ;
In the production of crushed basalt, the output of materials processed in different configuration schemes varies, so it depends on the user's selection and production.