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Inspection of cone crusher bowl bearings
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 Inspection of bowl-shaped bearings for cone crushers
The bearing is one of the important accessories of the cone crusher. Its role is to support the various structures of the cone crusher. It carries the impact force when the Construction Waste Crusher  crush the materials. Production efficiency, bowl bearings are one of them, so inspection of bowl bearings is very important.

1. Fixing condition of repairing bowl bearing
The bowl bearing is fixed by casting zinc alloy, and it is fixed by using a cylindrical pin cast zinc. Therefore, if the bowl bearing is found to be slightly loose, the zinc alloy should be recast immediately, otherwise the bowl bearing will be damaged when the cone is lifted. Severe accident caused by sticking on the moving cone surface.
2, check the contact condition of the bowl bearing
The width of the contact ring of the bowl bearing has certain regulations. If the contact is too large, it needs to be re-scratched. The contact width of the contact ring of the bowl bearing is 0.3 to 0.5 feet. The width within this range is normal. Perform other steps.
3. Check the surface of the bowl bearing

 Pay attention to the wear of the bowl bearing. If the wear is serious, you must deal with it in time. When the wear of the tile surface reaches the bottom of the oil groove, that is, when the oil groove is smoothed, or when cracks occur, the bowl bearing should be replaced in time.